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Carnaval de Québec: “Bonhomme Carnaval and the brave Snow Bath participants.”

Can you believe it is already February 2013? How is everyone’s new year’s resolutions?

During the first few weeks of the year Montréal’s radio stations were plugging up the airwaves with talk about new year’s resolutions, often about weight loss and healthier eating habits. All that chatter made me roll my eyes and not just because they kept pumping Justin Bieber into our car. I mean, I get it: New year, new you, new body or whatever else you have planned. However, I do find the incessant talks about weight loss and their accompanying ads (magic herbs will drop the pounds!) highly irritating and gimmicky. One month later Ryan Seacrest and company have nothing to say about new year’s resolutions.

I thought it would be appropriate to do a post about new year’s resolutions as we dive into the second month of the year. Are people still gung-ho about the goals they made for the year or have white flags have been raised? Personally, I started on some of my goals in December because I had the time after being released from the confines from my academic life and was making leisurely visits with family. However, January was not an especially successful month in terms of being consistent with all my goals so I look at February as a new month to do better.

I used to be the kind of kid who made a huge list of resolutions for each new year and meticulously check up on my list throughout the year. I would say that, as I have grown older, this tradition of setting strict resolutions for the new year has grown stale. Instead, I find myself defining specific goals without unnecessary micromanaging. For 2013 my goals focus on my academic and career life, and my health.

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