[Photo Credit: Gregg Segal for TIME Magazine]

I know that the Veep Debate just ended and Twitter is all aflutter with the musings and analysis from the Internet universe.

However, I would like to steer the focus to something much more pressing: Paul Ryan’s photo shoot for TIME Magazine. No matter what your political affiliation may be, one must ask: Pourquoi? Also, what kind of team of advisors decided that this was a great idea? We all knew that Ryan was deep into his P90X regime, and I commend him for his devotion to healthy activities. But a photo with Ryan in a cheesy, hat-backwards stance with a bro salute just oozed out an Onion article IRL.

There are conflicting reports from Ryan’s side and TIME regarding the use of the photos, with an aide to Ryan’s team telling CNN that TIME had assured the photos would never be published. So then what kind of purpose were these photos meant to serve? Keep us guessing, Blue Steel. Keep us guessing.

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