Pop Music

We love the Swedish duo, Icona Pop, here at flashbracket but what we love even more is a remix by the Cookie Monster. The Sesame Street character has already covered Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe last year as Share It Maybe (again about cookies, natch), and now he is back covering Icona Pop’s 2012 hit, I Love It as Me Want It (But Me Wait). Cookie Monster is starting to catch up with The xx as one of my favourite remix masters! Click to watch my favourite Sesame Street character do his thing.

Was anyone else really sad when Adam Yauch died just over a year today in May 2012? I love The Beastie Boys and Adam Yauch (MCA) was my favourite as he was what I considered the most talented of the trio. Just last week, however, they renamed a park in Brooklyn, New York as Adam Yauch Park, located in the borough where Yauch grew up. To commemorate, here is the group’s 1994 video for Sabotage, directed by none other than the venerable director Spike Jonze. Sabotage is very much worth revisiting as it remains a classic music video and one I still love watching today. Plus, they all wear awesome moustaches.

One of my favourite albums released this summer is Nas’ 13th effort, “Life is Good.” Just about every single song on the album is a gem — it really is that kind of album, bound to be a classic — but I would say my favourite is “Cherry Wine.” The songs vocals feature the late-great Amy Winehouse, whose death at the age of 27 is now just over a year ago.

The album’s tracks have a steady, upbeat rhythm with the philosophical bent that is expected from Nas. But this album adds a scattering of optimism and musings of personal acceptance, from subjects that include his blossoming teenage daughter and fame. Such positivity and repetitive refrain of the album’s title makes “Cherry Wine” especially bittersweet. The video itself has a slick and cool aura from the vintage bar setting, but Nas’ presence is introspective and Winehouse’s projected image is haunting. Click the video above to watch.