Hi There! We are two girls who met as students, in Montréal, Québec, Canada. One of us has remained in Montréal, while the other now calls London home. Lucy is an art school graduate that now works with numbers. Hilary’s background is in law and policy, and now works in technology.

This is mainly a personal blog where Lucy writes about living in Montréal, pop culture, current events and life in general. Hilary pops in from time to time to write about London and other interests. Because we now have an ocean between us, the Internet is our new hang out. The subject of our posts can vary but we currently blog about urban living, music favourites, the arts, food, personal musings, and anything else that pops into mind.

Thanks for dropping by!

Hilary and Lucy

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  1. Those townhouses are AMAZING! Cool you guys are doing this together even though your so far apart.

  2. The houses are in the Saint-Louis Square area of the Plateau, here in Montréal. Much needed colour for a city with so much grey in the winter. Thanks for visiting!

  3. oureverydayadventures365 said:

    Thanks for stopping by and following our blog!

  4. What a neat idea to share a blog as a way to keep your friendship up!
    I always liked this better than FB.

    • Yay to Facebook alternatives! Thanks for checking us out. 🙂

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