Valentine’s Day: A Soundtrack

What does your Valentine’s Day sound like?

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays rife with confusion and controversy. Some of us like to call it “Another Hallmark Holiday” (said with a sigh), or Singles Awareness Day (accompanied by rolling eyes), and for others it is the day to take out all your cheese (fromage) reserves and lay it all down for your partner. Others shrug “meh” and I definitely fit into this category year after year, whether or not I have a date once the 14th of February rolls around.

So whether you’re single, attached, looking for a partner, happy in a relationship, or maybe even not so happy in a relationship, a holiday that celebrates love and lust deserves a soundtrack. One of the first songs that come to mind when I think of Valentine’s Day is, of course, the aptly named and boppy tune from Outkast, Happy Valentine’s Day. The track is from 2003’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below which is just full of gems including She Lives in My Lap featuring the one and only Isaac Hayes. I also think of the French electronic duo, Air, and their 2009 track Love with its delicate beats, sleek stylings, and minimal but lush overlays of the distinctive Air sound.

A more recent track is by current music media darlings, Disclosure, the house and garage brother duo. A few weeks ago, the very young and talented Brits released an alternate version of their fourth track, F for You, off their debut album Settle. The reengineered song now boasts the addition of pop vocals by Mary J. Blige which actually synthesizes beautifully so that this alternate version is quite the contender to the original. And on the other side of the music spectrum, I also like Yo La Tengo’s Black Flowers, which is a more subdued offering for a day so wrought with expectations like Valentine’s Day. However, I find the Hoboken band’s song to be sweet and sincere, consistent with the style that is Yo La Tengo, and appropriate for the earnest introvert attempting to survive this Hallmark holiday.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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