L’Affichiste: Vintage Poster Gallery, Montréal


471 rue Saint Francois Xavier (east of rue Notre-Dame ouest)
Montréal, Québec H2Y 2T1
(514) 656 3301

Montréal brought us various temperatures and weather activity this weekend, but it did not deter us from going out and about in the city. On Saturday, we walked around the Old Port, which I usually avoid doing during the summer weekends since the beautiful neighbourhood can be awkwardly packed with visitors during the tourist season. However, our goal was to drop by L’Affichiste, a vintage poster gallery with collections mostly derived from European and North American sources.


Though I had not heard of this gallery until recently, a friend of mine was looking for a particular type of print poster that would complement one that she bought in Paris during the spring. Her research brought us to L’Affichiste whose walls are decorated with beautiful and bright illustrations, many from France. We were focused on the posters from the Loterie Nationale that were commissioned from the French National Lottery established in 1933. These posters held by L’Affichiste are sized around 16 x 24 to 32 x 47 inches, and priced around $240 to $1,675 CDN. Many of these art works are illustrated according to the Art Deco style of the period.


L’Affichiste is amongst the many retail outlets in the Old Port that specialize in the arts and design, as the neighbourhood is dotted with various beautiful art galleries and fashion retail outlets in addition to many high-end restaurants and hotels. The gallery is located on the first floor of one of many low-rise buildings constructed of stone masonry along the cobblestone streets, dwarfed by the taller historical buildings such as the Notre-Dame Basillica and Pointe-à-Callière. The Old Port (Vieux-Port in French), also known as Old Montréal (Vieux-Montréal), is located along the south-east shores of the island along the Saint Lawrence River, with horse-drawn carriages running through the historic site.

Go to the Old Port’s official site at by clicking here.




  1. I’m definitely coming by when I am next in MTL!!! well, once I have the coin to spend on lovely vintage posters… le sigh.

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