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Songza Concierge

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California, is on day two of three for Weekend One, and I am assuming that if you are reading this you are not there.

I definitely am not, but instead weathered the storm of snow and freezing rain all day yesterday here in Montréal. (That is right. We had a snow storm in April.) Misery loves company so what is the best way to take part in Coachella when you are not there? Through Songza, of course.

Songza Coachella 2013 plalylists

Songza is a music streaming website that recommends various playlists curated by music experts, depending on the time of day, your mood, and of course, to celebrate Coachella weekend. When you go to their home page, the Concierge will display several types of playlists for the occasion. On Friday night it will read something like: “It is Friday evening. Play music for: Cooking, Relaxing, Putting on Your Party Dress, Working (no lyrics).” Then you pick one of the options, and you are given further options for music styles. I listen to a lot of the “Working (no lyrics)” selection for studying purposes, and this option provides several types of musical genres to choose from, including Experimental Soundscapes, Ambient, Jazz Masters, among others. My favourite studying playlists are Provocative & Evocative Instrumentals, curated by musician Gary Gunn, and Downtempo Instrumentals, both which include music from my own playlists (and many that I recommended in my Things That Go Thump in the Night series).

You can save your playlists in your account and select the Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down options for each song so that Songza can recommend other playlists according to your musical tastes. Songza is also very welcome here in Canada (err, Québec is part of Canada?) as, due to copyright laws, we do not get access to Spotify and Pandora and all the other great music streaming services available and in U.S. and abroad. I listened to and loved Pandora at its inception many years ago, and was disappointed when it became no longer available. And here we are, many years later with Songza, and how happy am I for that.

Songza Coachella Electronic DJZ

For Coachella, Songza offers three playlists: The Bands, Electronic DJZ, and Hip Hop. The Bands plays various songs by every band playing at the festival, while Electronic DJZ plays songs by producers and DJs performing at the festival, and Hip Hop plays rap musicians at Coachella with tracks handpicked from the guys at The Bands playlist offers quite a few great Canadian bands, including Metric, The Stars, and Tegan and Sara, as well as pop favourites such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, New Order, and Blur. You also get to discover a few lesser known acts in the festival, including Action Bronson, Deap Valley, and Tan Lines. And of course, my favourites such as Sigur Rós, Phoenix, Grimes, The xx, Jamie xx, Hot Chip, Four Tet, and Bat For Lashes.

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Songza Coachella The Bands

Songza Coachella 2013 Hip Hop


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