La Croissanterie Figaro


La Croissanterie Figaro
5200 Rue Hutchison (west of Parc at Fairmont)
Montréal, QC H2V 4B3
(514) 278-6567

It was a cold day here in Montréal when my friend and I were walking in the Mile End neighbourhood and thought to warm up in a nice café. Did I ever mention how much I love cafés? I love visiting them for low-key outings though nowadays I am there to only do work.

We decided to revisit La Croissanterie Figaro after I dropped in during December to order their avocado and tofu sandwich, fondly recommended to me by Hilary. On this occasion, we came to sit in the popular crowded café bordering the Outremont and Mile End neighbourhoods of Montréal to try their freshly baked croissants and alcoholic coffee beverages.


I rarely order those yummy alcoholic coffee drinks, but as it was a weekend and I was feeling adventurous, my friend and I decided to order a few of these hot boozy offerings. My friend had Irish coffee with his chocolatine croissant, and I had the croissant aux pâte d’amande (croissant filled with almond cream) with Brazilian coffee and Bailey’s. The Irish coffee came with a thick topping of whipped cream, and a glass of Bailey’s was perched on top of my mug of coffee to warm the alcohol. My almond croissant was also invitingly warm and sprinkled with slivered almonds. Both croissants were buttery and flaky.

When we visited the café that day, the place was packed. It was buzzing with families, friends and lovers meeting over brunch or coffee. The café has an Art Nouveau feel with stained glass, rusty lamps, and sculptures of female figures and dogs decorating the interior. While the café’s specialty are croissants, it also serves cakes and sandwiches, including the revered vegetarian tofu and avocado sandwich which comes with a mayonnaise-based sauce and a side of salad. The sandwich is huge and amply filled between slices of brown bread.

La Croissanterie Figaro is definitely not a study spot, but it is a fun place to meet with friends and family for quality coffee and bites. The baristas, bartenders and bakers are definitely good at their respective crafts, and service is prompt and polite. I definitely recommend the café for day time gatherings and will be back for more delicious croissants, coffee and tofu sandwiches.



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  1. Ma said:

    This place looks lovely!!

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