Happy 2013!

To ring in the new year, my boyfriend and I were invited to a very francophone Quebecois venue in the suburbs of Montréal. The couples on the dance floor knew all the songs blasting from the speakers, and performed some improvised and synchronized line dancing.

One of the songs of the night that I recognized was Cette année-là , the 1963 hit by French singer Claude François, which also features synchronized dancing in his music video. I was first introduced to the song through a friend of mine who, as part of her training for a Canadian public servant position, took French language and culture courses where this song was highlighted as an important artifact of Québec’s cultural landscape. I feel that the song, translated as Oh What a Night!, is perfect for celebrating the New Year here in la belle province.

Also check out the 2000 version of the song by French rapper, Yannick, called Ces Soirées-là, which was also a hit in France and Québec.

Happy 2013!


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