Brunch at La Société, Toronto


La Société
The Colonnade
131 Bloor Street West
Unit 211
Toronto, ON M5S 1R1
(416) 551-9929

Last weekend as I was making plans to meet up with some friends for brunch, it was suggested that we go to La Société in Yorkville. I like to keep up with the going ons in my hometown so I had heard about this French bistro in the former space of an average quality dim sum restaurant. I like trying new restaurants so as stuffy La Société seemed to me, I agreed to have Sunday brunch in the six months old bistro.


First off, La Société is massive with more than 300 seats and has a very old school Parisian bistro feel with stained glass, dark wood mouldings, plush booths and a long bar. It also boasts first and second storey patios for the warm months and is located across a Louis Vuitton location in the Mink Mile. The menu is mainly en français with explanatory notes in English, and is very reminiscent of Le Select Bistro, another French bistro in Toronto. My family loves to go to Le Select for special occasions, and the favourite brunch items of Steak and Eggs, freshly baked croissants, and Pain Doré (French toast) are found on both menus of Le Select and La Société. Both restaurants also include classic French fare including foie gras, croque-monsieur, and croque-madame, although Le Select also include a cheese plate on its brunch menu.


I had the Quiche du Jour (quiche of the day) in broccoli and cheddar, which came as an individual pie with a side of salad. My friends ordered the French Vanilla Waffle with Maple Syrup and the Smoked Salmon with Poached Eggs, and both scarfed it down without complaints. Coffee was rich with free refills, and service was quick and attentive.

This restaurant would be a great place for people watching while seated on their patios that both face Bloor street, where you may glimpse designer bag thieves tackled to the sidewalks by beefy security guards (I lived in the neighbourhood for two years and witnessed such events on at least three separate occassions). Another bonus is that the restaurant accepts reservations for brunch which is a bit of an anomaly in Toronto and a much welcome arrangement. Additionally, with such a massive space, large groups can be easily accommodated and possibly as a walk-in. Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 3 pm.


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