Happy 12/12/12!

This date is the last time most of us living today will experience a day where the numericals in the month, date and year are the same. To celebrate, here are some facts regarding the number twelve and today’s date:

1. The name for the number twelve is believed to be have Germanic roots meaning “two remaining (after having ten taken).”

2. The Twelve Days of Christmas is also called Christmastide and is celebrated for the twelve days starting Christmas day to January 6, The Feast of Epiphany. This tradition varies slightly amongst the churches and sects of Christianity.

3. Both Western and Asian astrology are based on twelve horoscopes. Asian (including Chinese and Korean) astrology is based on twelve animal signs depending on the year of birth according to the lunar calendar. Did you know that every twelve “horse” and “pig” years is a special horse and pig, the White Horse and Golden Pig, respectively? My sister happens to be a White Horse and my dad is a Golden Pig.

4. The ancient Greeks loved the number twelve. Greek mythology’s twelve Olympians were gods that lived on Mount Olympus after taking over the elder gods, the Titans. Additionally, Hercules, the son of Zeus, was ordered to perform the “Twelve Labours” as atonement for his misdeeds. Hercules was also forced to serve King Eurystheus for twelve years in return for immortality.

5. The next time the date will again have the same numericals for the month, date and year will be in 88 years on January 1, 2101.

Also of note: The Mayan calendar does not end on December 12, 2012 but on December 21, 2012. Which means we have nine more days until the end of the world…apparently. Good luck to all of you.

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